About us
Club History:

The West Michigan Cricket Club was founded on January 27th, 2016 when five men, Shesh Madhokar, Rahul Patel, Mayank Gusain, Hiren Ashara and Joydeep Singh, agreed to form a cricket club to be known as the West Michigan Cricket Club.West Michigan Cricket Club, Inc. (WMCC) was formed as an effort to bring all the likeminded regulation ball cricket enthusiasts in and around West Michigan area and build a community using local talent. WMCC is a registered domestic non-profit organization in the State of Michigan. The primary goal of the club is to develop, grow and nurture the game of Cricket in and around West Michigan. The club aims in developing young and adult talents in routine training, practice and participating in the leagues. Other goals of the club include promotion of the game of cricket through education and training for youth and kids, while providing the local and immigrant community a leeway or an outlet to enjoy the game through active and competitive participation in the Midwest Cricket Conference leagues and other local and national leagues.WMCC uses Earle Brewer Park located at 399 84th Street, Byron Center, MI 49315 for its home games. The club is a membership based corporation and the club mainly runs off of the membership dues and sponsorships.

Club Structure:

The Board of Directors comprises of members of the club elected to office positions, namely, a president, two directors, a secretary and a treasurer. The board of directors will manage and overlook all the financial and administrative needs of the club. To assist in the execution of club’s additional responsibilities, the board will establish sub-committees in managing judicial, tournaments, training and development etc. The board of directors are elected through annual election process every year.